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Drew: Hey what's up this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and we're back. We're going to be doing another Terpene Profile Breakdown video. I am joined today by my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (What's up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hi), and we're gonna be doing a breakdown of our terpene strain Animal Cookies. It is an amazing strain, the weed itself is amazing. The parent lineage of that is Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, and we also make a Girl Scout Cookies terpene profile, which is also amazing. Quite a bit better than our last one, the Thin Mint, it was okay. This one's amazing. I picked up that strain down from The Cookie Store in LA. I really liked it, I like their version of it and I wanted to make a terpene profile of it, so I did. First thing that you're gonna notice about the bottle is that it's clear, and that is because it's in our organic line of products. That means that all the ingredients are simply organic terpenes blended together, nothing artificial, nothing synthetic. One of the first things you're gonna do when you get this bottle is you're gonna open it up and smell it. So let me walk you through what this bottle smells like. Let me get that little cap off that right.
Interestingly enough, the reason we do this is because things don't always smell like they taste. This smells nothing like it tastes. It almost has no smell whatsoever. The smell it does have is grassy. If you were gonna buy this based on what it smells like, you would not buy this bottle. But that is why I'm explaining this, because the worst thing that you can ever do is buy terpenes based on what they smell like in the bottle. And I'll explain why, there's a scientific reason. There is a whole combination of terpenes in this bottle. All of them have different evaporation points. What you're gonna smell when you open the bottle is whatever one, or few of those terpenes evaporates off at room temperature. It may not be any, for the example, this doesn't have many terpenes that evaporate off at room temperature. That means that you may smell something that's only sweet because that's what's evaporating, or only sour, or nothing at all, or altogether. It's the worst way to buy your terpenes. I'm gonna let Audrey explain it a little bit more about that.

Audrey: Right, so when you're producing your terpenes, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. Take vanilla for example, you smell it, delicious. You taste it, awful, awful. You need to know this when you're buying because at the end of the day your customer is gonna be tasting your pens, not swallowing your bottles. This is what makes our product better. We've spent hours formulating these flavors and these pens to taste for that end-user, and that end-flavor.

Drew: Don't be a terp rookie. Try it before you buy it, you heard it here first. Luckily, what we do is we go through and we try each pen and explain it to you. So Cam's gonna tell you exactly what it tastes like versus what it smells.

Cameron: And I just made up a pen of that Animal Cookies just recently, so here we go with it.
Now this is why it's important to always test your terpenes before you smell it. I initially get a sweet smell in there, mixed in with an earthy, earthy gassy note as well, and it ends in a mild, skunky, grapefruit blend. I would say I-like imagine like a slightly sweeter New York City Diesel.

Drew: Yeah it's amazing how much different this actually tastes versus the smell. And with that being said I would categorize Animal Cookies as a strong cannabis flavor, you know. You're gonna be able to taste that cannabis at the forefront of your palate, and probably exiting toward the middle, and then the other notes are gonna follow behind right there. Yeah and I gotta mention, don't get tricked. A lot of companies will formulate terpenes so it smells good in the bottle, and you're at the counter, and you buy it, and then you get home and it doesn't taste good. We do the exact opposite. We don't care what it smells like in the bottle, it's not perfume. So, strong cannabis flavor where you've got gassy, and sweet, earthy, skunky, grapefruit, it's it's an amazing blend. One of the other ways that we designate our terpene profiles is whether it is a separated profile or a blended profile. We actually create them this way. A blended profile
is where all the flavors roll together. You taste the same combination of flavors through the inhale and the exhale. Separated flavors are where you first will taste gassy, and then you'll taste earthy, and on the exhale you get some sweet. Where does this one lye Cam?

Cameron: The Animal Cookies I would categorize as a well blended profile. Meaning that you're gonna be able to taste that skunky grapefruit, that slight earth, that that gassyness, and that initial sweetness from inhale to exhale.

Drew: Excellent, excellent. So there's definitely a difference between how much the strain tastes like cannabis, compared to the other tones that are in it, versus how strong the actual strain profile is compared to other profiles. And I'll let Audrey explain that.

Audrey: Right, so like Drew was saying a little bit; every single terpene profile varies in how strong the actual flavor is. Animal Cookies for example, is in our medium category. We designed this terpene profile to be an enhancing agent, rather than a masking agent. Meaning that when you're smoking it, on that exhale you're gonna have a nice cannabis aroma, enhanced tones, rather than them being completely masked, like they would with like Fruity Pebbles or Banana.

Drew: So this profile is gonna have a medium cannabis flavor, mixed with some earthy citrus notes-sweet notes, sorry. And the profile strength is gonna be medium compared to a different profile. Maybe another profile with the same ratios a little bit more milder, or a little bit stronger, with the same amount of terpenes in the blend. So medium and medium. If you're interested in purchasing these terpenes go to Mr. Extractor. We have sample packs, you can get samples of it, and you can buy as much as you want. We specialize in bulk. If you're interested in seeing it in person you can go to any of The Terpene Labs that we have across the country. The Terpene Labs; you'll be able to smell the bottle, you'll be able to try a pen, you'll be able to get some for free, and you'll be able to take home as much as you like. If you're interested in opening up your own Terpene Lab, right now is the time. Make sure you get at us. We're handing out territories, excellent market to get into. And if you're into free things, Audrey will tell you how to get free things.

Audrey: Who doesn't love free stuff? So in person go to any of our Terpene Lab locations across the country. Drew set them up so you will get free terpenes, every single one. And online go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up to date on our social media platforms. That's where we do buy one get one half off, 20% off, and all kinds of free goodies.

Drew: Yeah like I said, I set up all The Terpene Labs to where we want you to succeed. You can go down there, smell it, take some home for free, free samples at every Terpene Lab across the country. Yep.

Cameron: You know, I highly encourage you guys to check out our other Terpene Breakdown Videos. You know, we got so many new profiles coming at you guys man. It's gonna be great. Yeah so thanks for watching this breakdown, go check out the other ones, and we'll see you in the next video. Take it easy.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.