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Drew: Hey what's up this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and we are back today for another terpene profile break down video. I am joined by today by my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto, and my Media Director; Audrey. Today we're going to be doing a breakdown of our terpene profile; Bettie Page. The Bettie Page, you know we don't always do the most well-known strains. We do a lot of well-known strains but there's a lot of lesser known strains that are really amazing, and in my travels I came across this strain and I really liked it and I wanted to do a terpene profile of it. So it's something that I personally really love the smell of and I thought everybody should enjoy it. It's really quite good. It is a hybrid as well so it's not going to be indica, it's not gonna be sativa, it just falls under a basic hybrid. First thing you're gonna notice about this profile is that it is clear and it is clear because it falls under the organic line of products meaning that it is all organic in nature. They are just pure organic terpenes, nothing synthetic, nothing artificial. One of the first things you're gonna do when you pick up this bottle is you're gonna smell it. So, let me give you a smell break down, I'll walk you through it. It's really interesting, it's quite mild. It's definitely earthy, it's very mildly earthy and slightly gassy. That's primarily because those are the terpenes that are evaporating off at room temperature. As I tell everybody in every video; you should never buy terpenes based on what they smell like. You should never go to a show and buy terpenes at a show because they smell good. Because most terpenes are made from 20 or so profiles, what your gonna smell is whatever terpenes are evaporating off at room temperature. Maybe only 2 of them evaporate at room temperature, maybe 3 of them form together to form a smell. But it's about what happens when they all evaporate off at the same temperature that you're smoking a pen. I'm gonna let Audrey explain a little bit more about that.

Audrey: Right, so when you're purchasing your terpenes the most important thing you have to keep in mind is the pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. Take sugar for example, smell it, you don't really get anything. Put it in your mouth, explosion of flavor. You need to keep this stuff in mind when you're buying because at the end of the day your customer is gonna be tasting a pen, not smelling your bottle.

Drew: Yea make sure your buyer knows that, that your buyer buying terpenes, they're not smelling the bottle. Your customers are tasting the pens, exactly right.

Audrey: So this is what makes our product better. We design these strains and these lines and these flavors, put hours into customizing them so that the flavors are there, you’re not just smelling the bottle.

Drew: So luckily for you we've got someone who's gonna taste that pen and explain the difference between what it tastes like and what it smells like.

Cameron: So I was smoking on the Bettie Page pen just a second ago, so I'm gonna get right into explaining what it tastes like. Initially I got an earthy note in there, followed by a piney aroma, and then near the end there I got like a sweet citrus, gassy flavor. It's pretty, pretty, pretty damn decent to my standards.

Drew: Yea it's definitely more complex than the bottle smells. What about a cannabis level, how does it taste? How much does it taste like pure weed?

Cameron: Well, I would categorize Bettie Page as a pungent, medium cannabis profile. Basically meaning that that first part of the cannabis profile is gonna be upfront, no doubt about it. And then afterwards the other notes are gonna come in right after.

Drew: And it definitely smells just like the strain. So there's a difference between how strong the cannabis profile is and how strong the actual profile is, meaning like compared to a different profile. I'm gonna let Audrey explain that real quick.

Audrey: Right so all of our profiles are categorized by their strength. Bettie Page is categorized as a medium cannabis terpene profile and we designed this profile to be an enhancing agent rather than a masking agent. Meaning that when you're smoking it, on the exhale the cannabis aromas and flavors are really gonna be brought out and enhanced, rather than completely covered like they would be with a flavor like Banana or Fruity Pebbles.

Drew: So like Cameron said it tastes medium. It's a medium pungent cannabis flavor, and it's a medium strength profile compared to like a mild profile. You guys, you have to understand that. One of the other ways we classify these terpenes is based on whether they are separated profiles or blended profiles. When you smoke them you can taste all the flavors that the Professor described. All boiled together in one hit, inhale and exhale, same blend. Or separated profile is you hit it and the first thing is gassy and then I can see some earth, and it's gonna exhale with some pine. Where do we fall with this guy?

Cameron: I would categorize Bettie Page as a slightly blended terpene profile. Basically meaning that you're gonna be tasting the different flavors at different times from inhale to exhale like you know, you initially get that earthiness, and that citrus, sweet gassiness, and then followed by the piney aroma.

Drew: Yea so it's separated but it blends together well. If you're interested in trying out the Bettie Page you can get samples and buy whatever you like off of, it's the first place to go. If you want to see it in person you can go to any of the Terpene Labs we have across the country. You'll be able to see the bottle, smell it, taste it in a pen and take home as much as you want. If you're interested in bulk contact me directly on the website MrExtractor, you will be able to get custom pricing on anything over 800 grams. I'm slashing the prices on bulk. Just hit me up, let me know what your company needs in order to make this happen, we're gonna make it happen. If you're interested in opening up your own terpene lab now is the time. We're handing out territories, we've already handed some out so good cities are getting taken but, you can jump on it, there's a lot of money in it if you're interested. Free stuff, Audrey's got free stuff that's what she does, what's up?

Audrey: Who doesn't love free stuff? Okay so in person go to any of our terpene lab locations across the country. Drew set it up so you get your free samples at anyone you go to, online go to www.Mr. Extractor. Stay up to date on our social media platforms, that's where we do buy one get one free coupons and 20% off, and all the free goodies.

Drew: That's right so what she's saying is go to Instagram. We're gonna give you free stuff. Pretty simple right? So, Cam?

Cameron: I wanna just say that I highly encourage you to check out our other terpene breakdown videos that we have available. So many new terpene profiles coming at you guys.

Drew: A lot of work, a lot of work on those okay so hey, thanks for watching our video, we really appreciate it, share it, share the knowledge, share it on whatever social media you got, alright? And we hope to see you in the next video, take it easy.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.