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Drew: Welcome back this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and we are back to do another Terpene Profile Breakdown Video. As usual I am joined by my Chief Lab Tech; Professor Matsumoto (What's up), my Media Director; Audrey (Hi), and we are here to do one of the most popular strains in the world: Blue Dream. Blue Dream terpene profile that we've created. Now if you don't know what Blue Dream is, I need you to turn off your computer or your cell phone, and question why you're in the cannabis industry. Maybe come back five years from now. Blue Dream is probably the most popular cannabis strain on the planet, whether you like it or not. It's controversial, some people like it, some people don't, but it is what it is. Parent lineage is Blueberry mixed with Haze. And it is by far our most popular selling terpene profile, it is very good. If you are just starting out and you need somewhere to go, that isn't gonna be a problem. And if you need a good product; Blue Dream's gonna make it. We really nailed this one, why they considered it to be our best profile. You'll notice right off the bat that the bottle, right here in the center, is clear. That's because this is in our organic line of terpenes. It is pure organic terpenes, there's nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, terpene only blend. First thing you're gonna do when you're in the store or you buy it, thinking of buying it, you're gonna smell it. So let me tell you what it smells like.
Smells like a mild, earthy cannabis. There's no distinct flavors in it that are different from one another. It just smells like good weed, quite simply. One of the things that I tell everyone in every single video, because it is of the utmost importance; is you should never buy your terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. That is a rookie mistake, don't be a terp rookie. I will explain it so you understand it. I explain it always because it is so important. Terpene profiles like this are created from about 20 different terpenes. Now every liquid in life has an evaporation point. These being liquids, all the different terpenes evaporate out at different temperatures, at different rates. When you smell a bottle, you're smelling it at room temperature. You're smelling the few terpenes that evaporate off at whatever rate they do at room temperature. That is gonna combine together and form one type of a smell. That's not the way we make these products. We make these products so that all of those terpenes evaporate out at the temperature inside of a vapor pen, to create the flavor that we've done. It is another level of engineering that most companies don't do. That's why our products are scientifically better. I'm gonna let Audrey explain that a little bit better to you, or in more detail.

Audrey: Right, so the most important thing to keep in mind when you are getting into terpenes, buying terpenes, learning about them in general, is that that pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. You need to know this because at the end of the day your clients are going to be tasting that pen, not smelling the bottle you have. That's what makes our products so much better. We've spent hours formulating these for the end-user and the customer, not walking up to the counter and sniffing the cap.

Drew: That's right. I'll be honest with you, I would just forego smelling these terpenes at all whenever you buy them. It's not an accurate representation. We do not make perfumes, we make flavor ingredients, and those two things are completely different. Your customer will never smell your bottle of terpenes. The only thing your customer is ever going to interact with is the pen. And what really matters is what the pen tastes like, and that is a different formulation, okay? So luckily, the professor here has created a pen from the Blue Dream, and he's gonna tell you the customer experience on what they're gonna taste like in a pen, the way we formulated them.

Cameron: All righty, here we go. Taste testing gauge. I'm getting a bit of a light gassy note in there followed by, some would say, a floral note. And I can't stress this enough; it is a very, very clean flavor, almost uplifting.

Drew: It's crazy. That's right. A lot of our profiles are differentiated by whether they are separated profiles or combined profiles. Now a separated profile; you're going to taste those
different notes at different times. First you're gonna taste gas, then you're gonna taste earthy, maybe citrus on the exhale. Combined profiles; all those blend together into one flavor. You taste it on the inhale and the exhale. Where's the Blue Dream come out?

Cameron: I would categorize the Blue Dream as a very well blended terpene profile. Meaning that you're gonna be able to taste that really clean flavor, that gassyness a bit in there, with those floral notes all mixed in there, from inhale to exhale.

Drew: So we have this designated as a light cannabis profile, meaning that it tastes of-like cannabis. It's not a super robust G 13, it's just a light cannabis profile. Now that is different from how strong the actual profile is. There's the cannabis level of it, and then there's the strength of the profile, in relation to other profiles. For example, six drops of this versus six drops of this. This may be really strong, this may be really light. So where do we fall under the strength of the profile?

Audrey: Blue Dreams, I believe, is categorized into our medium strength profiles.

Drew: The other thing we do is we base this on whether they are enhancing agents or masking agents. Some of the products we design are created specifically to mask your cannabis, so that you can smoke in public. Some of them were meant to enhance it so everyone knows you're smoking weed. Where do we lye on this guy?

Audrey: Blue Dream is an enhancer.

Drew: That's right, that's right. So okay, if you're interested in trying out the Blue Dreams,
I highly recommend it, any sample pack you get should include this. I-truly, it's one of our better strains. You can go to Mr. Extractor, you can get sample packs, you can purchase it in any quantity you want, Mr. Extractor. If you're interested in any bulk, I highly recommend this product as something that is in your lineup, it sells very well. Contact me. Bulk is anything over 800 grams. My name is Drew, I'm the owner of the company. Contact me directly, tell me what you need in order to have this work price-wise, we're gonna work with you on that. I also highly recommend that you try the product first. You can go to any
Terpene Lab in the country, smell the bottle, try a pen, and walk out with as much of it as you want. Our main Terpene Lab is in downtown Los Angeles. If you're in a company, I highly recommend that you fly out there and try these out. It's worth the money, I mean come on. Research and development, take a plane trip to LA there. Free things, we based our company
on free things, we've done very well doing that, we're gonna keep doing it. Audrey's gonna tell you how to get some free stuff.

Audrey: So in person, Drew has set it up, so you can go to any Terpene Lab location across the country, walk in, and get your free gram. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up-to-date on all of our social media handles, Instagram. That's where we do 20% off, buy one get one free, and all the goodies.

Drew: That's right, Cam?

Cameron: For that free knowledge check out our other Terpene Profile and Flavor Modifier Breakdown Videos we have on the site, a lot of new exciting content coming at you.

Drew: Thank you for watching our videos and make sure to go check out some of the other strain profiles. Everything on the site is excellent or it wouldn't be there, alright? We'll see in the next video.