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Drew: Hey what's up everyone this is Drew, owner Connoisseur Concentrates, and we're back for another awesome terpene profile breakdown video. Now, as usual I am here with my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (What's up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hey guys). And today we're gonna be doing a breakdown on the Gelato strain. This is one that we created, it is excellent. So, the parent lineage of the Gelato strain, I believe this was created by the Cookie's fam, up in the Bay Area, San Francisco. And the parents of that strain would be the Thin Mint Cookies and the Sunset Sherbert. Now, we have an excellent Sunset Sherbert and an-okay Thin Mint Cookies. I don't really think the Thin Mint cookies is that great, so we're probably gonna retire that out. But, the other cookies are off the hook. We've got the Girl Scout Cookies and the Animal Cookies if you want to try it out, alright? So, let me double check, not sure if this is a hybrid or not. I know we've been going through some of the other ones and explaining if they're hybrids or sativas, I don't really know on this one, alright? So first thing that you're gonna notice, before I get into that, this strain is extremely popular. We sell tons of the Gelato. There's a couple that we sell tons of, this is one of them. We wouldn't sell tons of it unless people put it in pens, had thousands of people try it, and they liked it. So if you're looking for something that is really on point I'm going to tell you right now,
you're gonna want to buy this one, alright? That, and the Blue Dreams, off the hook, right? So Gelato; first thing you'll notice about is, center bottle right there, the bottle is clear. The bottle’s clear because it's in the Organic terpene profile line. Meaning that all the ingredients are organic terpenes, there's nothing artificial, nothing synthetic in it. And when you buy it, or when you're in the store, one of the other things you're gonna do is you're gonna pick it up and smell it. So what I'm gonna, do walk you through what it smells like.
So it's very clear, and crisp, and clean. It smells green, if you can understand that. Describing smells is a difficult thing to do. But this is a very unique profile in the way that that smells. It smells alive, it smells green, it's vibrant, it's clean, it's clear. One of the things that I tell everyone in every single video is you should never buy terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. Simply because you're only smelling a few terpenes that evaporate out at that temperature, combining one smell. As opposed to all the terpenes in there evaporating at the temperature of the pen, creating its authentic true smell. Imma let Audrey explain this a little bit more.

Audrey: Right, so the most important thing to keep in mind when you're buying terpenes; is that the pen and the bottle almost never taste and smell exactly alike. Don't be a terpene rookie okay? This is what makes our product better. We have spent hours and hours and hours formulating these guys for your end-client, end-user, and the end taste.

Drew: Now just remember, we don't make perfumes. A lot of people are used to smelling cannabis. It's not really what goes on here. Because when you sell cannabis, your customer smells the weed, and then they buy the weed right? They don't try it in the store. The difference with terpenes is that your client is never gonna smell your bottle of terpenes. They are only gonna taste your pen. So what you should be
concerned about is what it tastes like. And I'm telling you right now; what they smell like in the bottle and what they taste like in the pen are two vastly different things. So, don't buy your terpenes based on what they smell like. The industry needs to understand that. Luckily for you, Cam here has mixed up a pen of the
Gelato. He's gonna give you the customer experience, and tell you what your customer is gonna taste every time they hit that pen. Hit it.

Cameron: Alright, let's get on with this test taste. So I'm getting a bit of this citrusy, earthy notes, mixed in with a very mild sweetness. It's very refreshing, to be honest with you. So, I would categorize the Gelato as having a medium cannabis profile. Basically meaning those- that sweet, citrusy, earthy notes, is gonna be
right in line with that cannabis profile that you might be looking for.

Drew: That's right, so you've got sweet notes, earthy notes, citrusy notes, and it tastes good, just like cannabis right? Excellent profile. What would you say the strength of the cannabis level is again? I mentioned it was a medium, medium. That's right so the strength of the cannabis level, how much that tastes like cannabis, is gonna differ from how strong the actual profile itself is, relative to other profiles. Where does this one fall under on that?

Audrey: So in the categorization of strengths, I think this is categorized in our medium profiles. It's not too
Overpowering, but the flavor is definitely present.

Drew: One of the ways that we break these profiles down is to whether it's a separated profile, or a combined profile. In a separated profile you're gonna taste those different flavors independently from each other, through the inhale and the exhale. And a combined profile you're gonna taste all those flavors combined into one same taste through the inhale and the exhale. Where do we lie on this one?

Cameron: The Gelato is categorized as a very well blended terpene profile. Basically meaning you're
gonna be able to taste a very fine mixture of that light sweetness, and that citrus earth, all wrapped up from inhale to exhale.

Drew: Another way that we differentiate these profiles is whether they're enhancing agents, or masking agents. Some people want it to taste more like cannabis, some people don't want it to taste like cannabis at all. Where do we lie on this one?

Audrey: Platinum OG is an enhancing agent, (Gelato). Oh my bad, Gelato. Umm, we're spacing. We're going on video number 50. It's the Gelato. Gelato is categorized as an enhancing agent, opposed to a masking agent. Meaning, when you are smoking out in public, people are gonna be able to tell that that's
cannabis aroma, opposed to it being covered up, like it would be with Bubblegum or Banana.

Drew: So if you want to try the Gelato you can go to Mr. Extractor. We've got samples, you can buy as much as you want from us, and we'll ship it right out to you. If you're doing bulk; we consider anything over 800 grams as bulk. You can contact me, Drew, directly. Let me know where you need to be price-wise on bulk and we will work with you. This is an excellent addition to your lineup, it is very popular, I promise you it is a good strain. If you want to try it in person, which I highly recommend, you could just fly out to LA. Go to LA- go to any Terpene Lab we have across the country, but our main Terpene Lab is down in LA. I really recommend a trip. If you're running a company; fly out to LA, it's worth the trip. I'll make you a deal; if you want to fly out to LA, we'll compensate your plane ticket. Hit me up and I'll tell you about it, alright? So, they will let you smell it, they'll let you try it in a pen, and you can buy as much of it as you want there on the spot. Free things as well. If you guys want some free things, Audrey does the free stuff.

Audrey: Everyone loves free stuff. So in person, go to any Terpene Lab location across the country. Drew here has set it up for you personally, so you can walk in and get your free gram, bring a friend. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up to date on our social media handles, like Instagram. That's where we do 20% off, buy one get one free, and give out the free goods.

Drew: That's right, you want the coupons you got to get them on Instagram. Anything left Cam?

Cameron: Of course, for free knowledge check out our other terpene and flavor modifier breakdown videos that we have posted on the site. A lot of new content, exciting stuff.

Drew: That's right learn something. Hey thanks for watching the video, go check out one of the other profiles. They're all really good, alright? See you there.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.