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Drew: What's up? Hey this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and we are back to do another terpene profile breakdown video. As usual, I am joined by my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (What's up), my Media Director; Audrey (Hey), and we're gonna be doing a breakdown of the very first terpene profile that I put out into the industry, and that is the G-Rilla 13. What's really special about this is it truly is the first one that we created as a company, and it sparked a revolution in products. Before I put this
out, there just wasn't any terpene profiles in the industry at all. People didn't understand it. Everybody was using propylene glycol, tasted like shit, still does. And we spawned an entire industry. There's millions of pens out there, there's tons of terpene companies. It's an exciting place to be and this is the one that started at all. Now, it's not very complex in nature because it was just the first one that I created, but it is very good. That's why we put it out there, that's why we've had so much success, is because we built off a solid foundation. The G-Rilla 13 is based off of a Northwest strain that I personally grew. That was a cross between the Gorilla Glue and the G 13, hence the name G-Rilla 13. It has a very unique flavor. It's strong, its robust, and it tastes a lot like cannabis. It's very strong cannabis. So as you'll notice, the bottle is clear and that is because it is made from strictly organic terpenes. There are nothing-there's nothing synthetic, there's no artificial flavors or ingredients in it, just-just good old organic terpenes. One of the first things you're gonna do when you either buy, or think about buying this bottle; is you're gonna want to smell it. So I'm gonna walk you through what this bottle smells like, alright? It's very crisp and clear. It's piney, it's a vibrant smell. It's a little tough to describe this one, but it's a very-it's like visual. It's very crisp and clear, piney, and a little bit earthy, but yeah that's about it. It's also a hybrid by the way. A lot of people ask us if we do-if it's an indica or sativa and this one happens to be a hybrid. So as I tell everybody in the industry in every video that I do; you should never buy your terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. Terpene profiles are created from a bunch of different terpenes and when you smell it. You're only smelling whatever few terpenes evaporate at room temperature and combined to form one smell, as opposed to all of them evaporating off at the temperature of a pen and creating a different taste. I'll let Audrey explain that a little bit better.

Audrey: Alright, so the most important thing to keep in mind in this industry, especially when you're working with terpenes, is that the bottle almost never smells exactly like what the pen tastes like. You need to know this when you're investing your money because your end-client and customer is going to be looking for that amazing taste at the end, not walking up to the counter and smelling the bottle you have on hand.

Drew: That's right, you don't want to smell the bottle and make your decision, because we're not selling perfumes, we're selling taste ingredients. It's the taste that your customers are gonna experience. They
don't smell the bottle like you smell the bottle, all right? So luckily we've got the Professor here who will tell you exactly what it tastes like, right? Hit it.

Cameron: Alrighty, so I made up a pen of that G-Rilla 13. Here we go. So I would say that the G-Rilla 13 has a light, pungenty, earth note, followed by a mild, piney aftertaste. And I would categorize the G-Rilla 13 as a strong cannabis profile, meaning that there is gonna be a prevalent cannabis note in the pen right before you taste the light pungenty earth, followed by that piney aftertaste.

Drew: Yeah so if you're looking for something that really tastes like cannabis; this is the one that you want to try out. So, another way that we figure out these strains, and we designate these strains is whether it
is a combined profile, or a separated profile. In a separated profile; first you're gonna taste piney, then you're gonna taste earthy, and then you're gonna taste something at the end. In a combined profile you're gonna taste one combination of flavors through the inhale and the exhale. Where does this fall under?

Cameron: The G-Rilla 13 falls under a very well blended terpene profile, meaning that you're gonna be able to taste all that light pungenty earth, followed by that piney aftertaste from inhale to exhale.

Drew: One of the other ways that we differentiate our strains is whether they're enhancing agents or masking agents. We have a lot of different profiles and formulas that we work with. Audrey can you explain that as well?

Audrey: Yeah, for sure. So G-Rilla 13 is gonna be in our category of enhancing agents, opposed to a masking agent. Meaning, that when you are smoking these terpenes; on that exhale, it's gonna be enhanced with that cannabis aroma, rather than covered up or masked like it would be with a flavor like Fruity Pebbles, or Bubble Gum, or something stronger.

Drew: So like Cam explained; there's a difference between how much it tastes like cannabis, and how strong the profile is, relative to other profiles. So we already know that this has a strong cannabis taste. Where does this fall under how strong the profile is just in general?

Audrey: So in general the profile itself is gonna be like medium to strong. It's definitely on the-like the stronger end of things, but it's definitely not overpowering.

Drew: So if you want something that really tastes like cannabis, that's a good, heavy, strong cannabis, or maybe you just want to use less of something, you get a mild cannabis flavor; try the G-Rilla 13. We've kept it around because it's just good. It's been good forever, it's still good. If you're looking to purchase this, or try samples of it; go to Mr. Extractor. We have sample packs, you can try whatever samples you want. You can buy as much of this as you want in bulk. We're slashing prices on bulk. Bulk is anything over 800 grams. Hit me up personally. You tell us what your company needs, we're gonna make that happen. You're also able to try this at any of the Terpene Labs that we have set up across the country. The main Terpene Lab is in Los Angeles. You can go down there, try the pen, we have a pen made up for you, you can smell the bottle, and you can pick up as much of this as you want, anytime you want. If you're interested in opening up your own Terpene Lab; hit me up. We're opening up Terpene Labs all across the country, now is the time. We founded everything. I'm giving away free things. We did it on Facebook forever and we still do. So Audrey will tell you how to get some free stuff from us.

Audrey: Fo sho, who doesn't love free stuff? So in person go to any location across the country to pick up your free gram. Drew set it up so you can walk in, talk to them, tell them what you'd like to sample, and get your lil freebie. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up to date on our social media; that's where we do the 20% off coupons, buy one get one free, and all the goods.

Drew: That's right don't forget; free stuff, follow us on Instagram, there you go. Cam?

Cameron: I highly encourage you to check out our other terpene and flavor modifier breakdown videos. A whole bunch of new exciting stuff for you.

Drew: Yeah, go out there and learn something. Thanks for watching the video and go watch another one, we'll see you later. Take it easy.

Cameron: Later.