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Drew: Hey what's up this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates. I am here today with my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (Yea what’s up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hi). We are going to do a terpene breakdown of the Gushers terpene profile. The Gushers terpene profile comes from the Gushers strain that I picked up at the Cookie Store in downtown LA. This is an unofficial remake, meaning it's not a licensed remake or anything from Cookies, it's just one that I happen to like quite a bit. The Gushers strain comes from The Gelato 41 mixed with The Girl Scout Cookies. And it is an indica blend, it’s really cool. One of the things first you're going to notice is that the lineage making Gushers is great. I mean those are both two of our top selling flavors. One of the first things you’re going to notice that the bottle is clear. That’s because everything in this blend is made from organic terpenes, nothing synthetic, nothing artificial in this blend. One of the first things you're going to do when you pick up the strain, is you’re going to smell it. I'll walk you through what it smells like first.
Okay so the first thing I smell is, it’s sweet with light citrus tones. It has a cannabis back, even in the bottle. One of the things that I tell everybody; the most important thing when purchasing terpenes is do not go off of what the bottle smells like. That is a rookie mistake, and I'm going to let Audrey explain why.

Audrey: Right, so what Drew touched base on a little bit; the most important thing when you are purchasing your terpenes, is to keep in mind that the pen almost never tastes like exactly like what the bottle smells like. You need to know this when you're buying your terpenes, because at the end of the day your client is going to be tasting that pen, not smelling your bottle. This is why our product is better, we formulate these strains and these terpenes for the end-user and the end-taste, not smelling the bottle at the counter.

Drew: Make sure to educate yourself and your friends that you have to try before you buy. Get that ingrained in your head, try the pen. So Cam, how does this taste?

Cameron: So I just made up a Gushers pen. I'm going to tell you guys exactly what it tastes like. Initially I get a sweet candy flavor, mild level there. It’s followed by an earthy lemon-lime aftertaste. It's sort of akin to if Gushers made an edible. Exactly like that.

Drew: That's what's up. Yeah I mean they kind of do, but you know what I’m saying. How is the flavor profile on this one?

Cameron: I would categorize the Gushers as a mild cannabis profile. Meaning that you'll be able to taste that candy, and that earthy lemon-lime blends pretty decently.

Drew: So, we've got a sweet, candy, earthy, citrusy, cannabis profile. At a medium level, is that correct?

Cameron: Mild, actually.

Drew: Mild, mild, this one’s a mild one. Okay so, one of the other ways that we designate these strains is based off of whether they’re a blended profile or a separated profile. Separated profiles; you taste different flavors throughout the hit, ending in something different than from the beginning. In a blended profile you're going to taste the same thing all the way through the inhale and exhale. Where do we land on this guy?

Cameron: I would categorize the Gushers terpene profile as a separated profile. Basically, you're going to taste that initial sweetness, and at the end that earthy lemon-lime, everytime.

Drew: Yeah, it's pretty cool to go through different flavors as you hit the pen. There's not a lot of them that do that, that we make, but this is definitely one of them. You'll have different flavor experiences throughout the hit for this blend. One of the other ways that we designate our terpene profiles is whether they are enhancing agents or masking agents. I'll let Audrey explain that to you.

Audrey: Right, so every terpene profile varies on how strong the strength is of cannabis. We have categorized Gushers into our medium strength profile category. We designed this terpene profile to be an enhancer, rather than a masking agent. Meaning that on the exhale, when you’re smoking Gushers, it will have an enhanced cannabis aroma, rather than it being covered up like it would with a flavor like Bubblegum or Banana.

Drew: So, if you're interested in picking up the Gushers terpene blend go to www.Mr. Extractor. You'll be able to purchase it in any size that you want there, and we do have sample packs available. If you want to see it in person you can go to any one of the Terpene Labs that we have opening up across the country. You'll be able to go in, taste the pen, smell the bottle, and walk out with whatever you want that day. If you're interested in opening up your own Terpene Lab; now is the perfect time. We're literally handing out territories. If you're interested in some free stuff; Audrey will tell you how to get it.

Audrey: Right, so in person you can visit any of our Terpene Lab locations anywhere around the country. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor. Follow our social media platforms, we give away 50% off, 20% off, buy one get one free, and just overall good stuff all the time.

Drew: If you're interested in picking this up in bulk; we're slashing prices on bulk. You tell us what your company needs, we will work to make that happen. We're working on some aggressive cuts to our bulk pricing, which is anything over 800 grams. Go ahead and contact me directly for bulk. Cam?

Cameron: And I just wanted to remind you to check out our other Terpene Breakdown Videos. We have a ton of new profiles coming at you guys.

Drew: Hey so thanks for watching, make sure you go and check out everything else, we'll see in the next video.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye!