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Drew: What's up everybody this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates. I'm here with my man
King Louie, my homeboy Mario. We're here at the Terpene Lab in LA. We got an exciting announcement about carrying official King Louie terpenes.

King Louie: Definitely, let me let you know; if you want to get it and you can't make it to Los Angeles, you can't come to the shop and see it yourself live; you can go online and order it at Mr. Extractor. You can come, you can order, you can be in China, you can be in Mexico trying to get across, you could be anywhere. Order it online; we deliver it straight to you.

Drew: Now we know you want that West Coast flavor. Mr. Extractor is the only officially licensed place to get the King Louie terpenes. So hit us up, get it, spread that shit across your city, ready? (There it is).

King Louie: Boom.

Drew: All right we're back here at the laboratory. We're gonna be giving you a scientific breakdown of the King Louie terpene profile. As usual I'm joined by my Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (Hey what up) and my Media Director; Audrey (Hey guys). Okay so the King Louie terpene profile is a collaboration between King Louie and Mr. Extractor. His cannabis is famous in LA, I mean he's got packages of joints, they saw what, six joints for 250 bucks? Guys killing it. Everybody knows him, everybody knows his strain, he's just killing it out there. We are the only officially licensed company to carry the King Louie terpenes. Anybody else; faking it, not authorized, need to stop doing it. Ask the guy himself, right? So, having said that, I would love to take credit for creating this terpene profile, but the fact is that I did not. Whether you knew this or not, the main Terpene Lab that we have is down in Los Angeles, downtown Los Angeles, and my mom happens to run that, Michelle. And she is the one that collaborated with King Louie and created this terpene profile. She did an amazing job. She goes by The Godmother down there and you were welcome to visit her anytime, any day. And for her to be able to create a terpene profile of King Louie that was better than everyone else's in the city, and get the only officially license from King Louie himself, that's- that's a big thing, big ups to her. Go down there and check out some of our terpenes, she's the one who's blending them for you down there. She did a good job on this, I appreciate that. So let's get into what it actually tastes and looks like. The first thing you're going to notice about this strain is that it is clear because it is in our organic line of products, meaning that it is all organic terpenes. There's nothing synthetic, there's no artificial flavors in that. First thing you're gonna do when you get it, you look at it, you're gonna open that bottle and smell it. Let's go ahead and give you a walk through of what that's like. So it's very mild, it has a clean smell. It's very mild and it smells mainly of citrus, and a little bit of earth. And one thing I tell everyone in every video; you should never buy terpenes based on what they smell like. And I will give you many scientific reasons as to why that is but let me break down it the simplest. Our terpene profiles usually have like 20 different terpenes in them. Not all of them evaporate at the same temperature, liquids evaporate at different temperatures. When you smell something, out of the 20 terpenes you're gonna smell whatever is evaporating off at room temperature, whatever room temperature happens to be that day. So you could have out of those 20 terpenes, three different terpenes that evaporate out and create their own smell. For example the citrus is what's evaporating the most out of this at room temperature. That's not an accurate description of what that's going to actually taste like because we're not making perfumes, we're making flavor ingredients for pens. So I'm gonna let Audrey go and explain that a little bit more.

Audrey: So when you're purchasing your terpenes, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. A great example of this is perfume or cologne. You smell it, spray it in the air, it's great. Try spraying that in your mouth.

Drew: Not gonna taste very good because taste and smell are two different things.

Audrey: Exactly, so you need to know this when you're buying because at the end of the day your clients are gonna be tasting that pen, not smelling your bottle. This is what makes our product better. We have formulated these lines and these terpenes for hours and hours and hours to get that end result in flavor, rather than somebody just walking up to the counter and sniffing the bottle.

Drew: That's right, don't be a Terp amateur here. Make sure that you try it before you buy it. This was formulated to taste exactly like the King Louie strain smells. So, how does this taste Cam?

Cameron: I actually made up a pen of that King Louie right here, so I'm gonna tell you exactly what it tastes like. All right here we go, attention, attention. The first thing I taste is an earthy note in there, mixed in with a little bit of piney taste as well, and the aftertaste has a very light spiciness to it. It's really really good.

Drew: Yeah definitely different than that bottle smells.

Cameron: Mm-hmm definitely. And with that being said I would categorize the King Louie as a strong cannabis profile, meaning that you're gonna be able to really taste that cannabis flavor from the first part to probably the second part, and then the notes of our terpenes are gonna come at the end there. But it's really nice.

Drew: So, as Cam was getting into one of the other ways that we differentiate our terpene profiles, is whether they're a blended profile or a separated profile. In a blended profile all the flavors blend together. You taste the same thing throughout the inhale and the exhale. Separated profiles; first you're gonna taste, you know earthy, then you're gonna taste gassy, and then maybe a little bit of citrus at the end. Where does the King Louie fall?

Cameron: The King Louie is categorized as a well blended terpene profile, meaning that you're gonna be able to get that earthiness, that piney taste, and that slight spiciness from inhale to exhale.

Drew: So the cannabis level, what-in the profile we judge how much it tastes like cannabis. That's different from how strong the profile is compared to other profiles, regardless of what that tastes like. So can you break that down a little bit for us Audrey?

Audrey: Yeah for sure. So every terpene profile varies on how strong the actual flavor is. This King Louie is categorized into our medium strength profiles. We have also designed this terpene profile to be an enhancing agent, rather than a masking agent. Which means when you're smoking it up, on that exhale you're really gonna get enhanced cannabis notes and aromas, rather than them being completely covered up or masked like they would be with Fruity Pebbles or Bubble Gum.

Drew: So if you want to try this profile out visit Mr. Extractor. We've got samples and we have as much of it as you want, we're not gonna run out. If you want to try it in person; go visit The Godmother, my mom, down at the Terpene Lab in Los Angeles. It's an easy place to find, she's the one who created this. Give her a little bit of props for it, it's a very well created strain. They will let you smell the bottle, you can try the pen, you can pick up as much of it as you want down there. If you're interested in opening up your own Terpene Lab, right now is the time. We're handing out territories, there's only so much territory out there, get at me. If you want it in bulk; hit me up directly. We are geared towards making enough terpenes that you can make hundreds of thousands of pens. Bulk is considered anything over 800 grams. Contact me directly. Let me know what your company needs to do in order to make this work. Tell me the prices you need to be at, we're pretty competitive on it to say. If you are interested in free things, Audrey does the free things, that's why she's here. Tell them what's up with that.

Audrey: Everybody loves free stuff. So any person to go to any Terpene location across the country; Drew here has set it up so that you can get free samples at anyone. You just have to walk in and tell them what you need.

Drew: Any of the Terpene Labs yep?

Audrey: Mm-hmm, and online go to Mr. Extractor to stay up to date on all of our social media platforms, like Instagram. That's where we give away the 20% off coupons, buy one get one free, all the good stuff in general.

Drew: I'd also like to mention that I've set up a system to where you can go into anyone else's store and have whatever you want for free there as well. So just tell them I sent you on that all right, Cam?

Cameron: And as always I highly encourage you guys to check out our other terpene breakdown videos. There's so many profiles coming at you, it's really- it's exciting stuff. For sure.

Drew: So thanks for watching our video and go check out some of the other profiles, we'll see you in the next video take it easy.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.