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Drew: Hey what's up everyone. This is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and we are here today to do a terpene analysis of the new; @MySweetLeaf terpene profile. As usual, I'm joined by my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (What's up), my Media Director; Audrey (Hey), and we have a special guest star today, Mr. Terps. If you don't know Mr. Terps go check him out at MrTerps_OG on Instagram. Famous lil weed smoking monkey right? So what we're doing today is a Terpene Profile Breakdown on the @MySweetLeaf terpene profile. In case you didn't know, @MySweetLeaf is a very well known Instagram cannabis model. She's done product shots for tons, and tons, and tons, of products across the industry. She's been featured in High Times numerous times, and she runs the Mr. Terps page. She's been growing cannabis for about 15 years now, thousands of plants for hundreds of medical patients, she's very well versed in strains and what the terpene profiles are. And her and I worked together on
creating a terpene strain that really captures the best flavors that she's found throughout growing her cannabis throughout her life. And we really hit it on the head. This is one that she
personally loves and she knows that her fans are gonna love as well too. So what we're gonna do is just a breakdown today of what it smells like, and what it tastes like, and let you know all about that, alright?
So first thing you're gonna notice is that the bottle is slightly yellow. The reason that is is that it is in our Organic terpene line, meaning that everything in it is organic terpenes. But I also use some citrus terpenes. Now, natural citrus terpenes can have slight color variations in them, which is why this is a slight yellow instead of being normally clear. One of the things that you're first gonna do when you pick up this bottle is you're gonna want to smell it. So let me walk you through what this smells like.
So it's really complex. The first thing I smell is it's very sweet and there's definite citrus notes in it. You can't tell exactly what citrus notes are in it, it's actually a blend of citrus tones. But there's tangerine in there, I smell some orange, and it has a little bit of earthy notes in it as well. One thing I tell everyone always: when you are purchasing terpenes you should never go and buy your terpenes based on what the bottle smells like, for a very important reason. That is a rookie mistake. Terpene blends are made up of combinations of maybe 20 different terpenes. Not all of them evaporate out at the same rates, at the same time. Which means that when you smell a bottle, you're smelling the few terpenes in that blend that evaporate out at room temperature. They're gonna combine together, and form a smell that's different than if you combine all of them together and smoked it, alright? So you should never buy it based on what the bottle smells like. I'm gonna let Audrey explain a little bit more to you.

Audrey: Mhmm right. So we have coined this term; being a terpene rookie, don't do it alright. The most important thing you need to know when you're buying your terpenes is that the pen and the bottle almost never smell and taste exactly alike. They don't transfer over. This is what makes our product different. We spend hours and hours formulating these terpenes and these strains for the end-user and the end-flavor, rather than walking up to the counter and smelling the bottle.

Drew: That's right. We blend these terpenes for taste because at the end of the day, your
customer is gonna taste your pen, they're never gonna smell your terpenes. So luckily the professor here, is gonna break down what this actually tastes like when it's mixed up with your
extracts in a pen.

Cameron: So I just made up the @MySweetLeaf in a pen right here and I'm gonna tell you exactly what it tastes like.
So initially, I'm getting a sweet OG cannabis profile akin to an LA Confidential or what, or something akin to that. Followed by citrus notes, and ending in a light woody aftertaste. And I would categorize the @MySweetLeaf as a mild cannabis profile. Meaning that you're gonna be able to taste all the notes within the @MySweefLeaf, followed by a very light taste of cannabis.

Drew: So you're gonna have some sweet tones, you're gonna have citrus tones, and a woody aftertaste, with a good cannabis flavor. One of the other ways that we designate these profiles is whether it's a separated profile or a combined profile. Now a separated profile, you're gonna have-first you're gonna taste the citrus, and then you're gonna taste sweet, and then you're gonna taste some woody after tones. In a combined profile, you're gonna taste all those flavors together throughout the inhale and the exhale. Where does this one lie Cam?

Cameron: The @MySweetLeaf is a very well blended profile, meaning you're gonna be able to taste that sweet cannabis notes, with some citrus, and that light woody after taste from inhale to exhale.

Drew: One of the other ways that we categorize these profiles is whether they are enhancing agents or masking agents. I'll let Audrey explain a little bit more about that.

Audrey: So every terpene profile is categorized as a masking agent or a enhancing agent, like
Drew was saying. @MySweetLeaf is categorized as a enhancing agent, meaning on that exhale when you're smoking these terpenes, that flavor will be enhanced by the natural cannabis aroma that's already in there. Not completely covered up like it would be with like Fruity Pebbles, or Bubble Gum, or something like that.

Drew: So the level of cannabis-how much this profile tastes like weed, is different from how strong the actual profile is, there's a difference in there. So can you tell us how strong this profile is compared to other profiles that we have to offer?

Audrey: So I think we categorized @MySweetLeaf as a medium strength profile.

Drew: It's definitely present and flavorful in there, but it's not overpowering. So if you want to try the @MySweetLeaf profile, you can obviously talk to @MySweetLeaf, she is gonna be able to offer you discounts that we are not able to offer on Mr. Extractor. If you want to purchase it directly through us go to Mr. Extractor. You'll be able to pick it up in a sample pack, or any size that you want, we'll give you a good discount. And I know if you contact @MySweetLeaf she'll give you some discount codes. If you want to try it in person, go to any of our Terpene Labs that we have across the country, the main one is in downtown Los Angeles. They will have it there for you to smell the bottle, try the pen, and take free samples home. If you're looking to
work in bulk; we are slashing the rates on bulk. Anything over 800 grams is bulk. Contact me, Drew, directly. Tell us what your company needs price-wise, we're gonna make that happen. Now we've always given out free stuff. If you want free stuff I know @MySweetLeaf's gonna be holding stuff on her-holding giveaways on her Instagram page, always contact her there. But Audrey's gonna tell you how else to get some free things.

Audrey: Alright, so in person, any Terpene Lab across the country, you can walk in, Drew has personally set it up for you to get your free gram. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor, stay up to date on all of our social media platforms. That's where we do the 20% off coupons, buy one get one free, and giving away free goodies.

Drew: You have anything else to say Mr. Terps? Guess not. Alright, Cam?

Cameron: I'd like to add that I encourage you to check out our other Terpene Profile and Flavor Modifier Videos. We have so many new exciting stuff coming at you.

Drew: That's right, go check us out at Mr. Extractor. We'll see you soon, take it easy.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.