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Drew: Hey what's up, this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and I am back
to do another Terpene Profile Breakdown Video. Today I am joined by my Chief Lab
Technician; Professor Matsumoto (Hey what’s up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hi). Today we're going to be doing a breakdown of the Runtz terpene profile that we've created. Okay so the Runtz strain itself is pure sativa, everybody always asks us for sativa profiles, so here you go, this is it! Now the strain itself actually smells exactly like the candy. And I believe I picked this up at that the Cookie Store down in LA. And because it smelled so much like the candy and I really wanted to make it. It was an interesting challenge. One of the first things that you're going to notice is that it’s a clear bottle, which means that it’s a pure organic strain. So, all ingredients in it are organic terpenes. There is nothing synthetic and nothing artificial in this blend. One of the first things you're going to do when you're purchasing the strain is pick it up and smell it. So I'm going to do that for you, let you know what it smells like. Now this is a really interesting one, all the new stuff that we've been coming out with, it's all vastly different from each other. A lot of people complain about terpenes smelling like each other throughout the different companies, but this is definitely a different one.
What I smell right off the bat is an earthy candy. And as I've mentioned before this reminds me of childhood, and I don't know why but I think we can all remember being kids and playing outside and eating candy. The first thing that this brings me back to is just being a kid, so it’s for sure one of my favorites because we all need those things in life. Having said that, even though it smells amazing, I tell everyone all the time that you cannot buy terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. The bottle is going to smell like, regardless of how many ingredients are in it, whichever few of those ingredients happen to evaporate off at room temperature. That’s what it's going to smell like. The rest of them may not be evaporating at all, so you're not getting the full profile. Audrey here is going to explain a little bit more about that for you.

Audrey: Right, so when you're purchasing your terpenes, like Drew touched base on a little bit, you must keep in mind that the bottle and the pen will almost never taste and smell exactly alike. You must keep this in mind, because at the end of the day your client is going to be tasting a pen, not smelling your bottle. This is what makes our product better. We formulate these strains, and these lines for the end-user and the end-taste. Rather than just smelling the bottle at the counter.

Drew: As I've said; you may get a couple ingredients that evaporate off at room temperature, but your goal is to have all the ingredients evaporating off at the temperature of that pen when you're hitting it. This is probably around 400 degrees, that's the way we formulate our stuff. So, Cam, can you explain to people what this tastes like when everything's working right?

Cameron: Oh, for sure! I happened to have made up a pen of the Runtz right before this. I'm going to hit and tell you exactly what it tastes like.
Wow that's good. So initially, I get a sweet candy flavor mixed in with mild citrus, and I also tasted a little bit of a light earth aftertaste. Imagine kind of Grape Ape like taste, but on like this sweeter level of it. It's just like being a kid man.

Drew: Yeah how's the cannabis like?

Cameron: The cannabis level on this, the Runtz I would say is more on the mild side. You're getting a lot of that candy, and that slight amount of citrus with a faint earth. It all comes together nice.

Drew: You know, I personally made this to taste exactly like how cannabis smells, and this cannabis smells a lot like the candy. Saying this, we made it taste a lot like the candy, not everything tastes exactly like weed so it's pretty dead-on. I'm extremely proud of this one! One of the other ways that we designate our terpene profiles are based on whether it’s a blended profile or a separated profile. With separated profiles, you're going to taste one flavor first, then you're going to taste something a little different on the exhale. If it’s a blended profile, all of those flavors combine, and you taste the same thing all the way through the inhale to the exhale. Where does this one fall Professor?

Cameron: The Runtz falls under a very well blended profile. You're going to be able to get that really sweet candy taste, and that light earth, with a light citrus that you taste start to finish.

Drew: It's cool, so regardless of where the cannabis level of the profile lies, there’s a difference between the cannabis level in the profile and the strength of the overall profile compared to a different profile. Audrey can explain that to you.

Audrey: Every terpene profile varies on how strong the actual strength is. This terpene profile is categorized into our medium strengths. We designed it to be an enhancing agent, rather than a masking agent. So, on the exhale you'll get a sweet cannabis aroma with subtle tones coming out, rather than being completely covered as it would be with Banana or Bubblegum.

Drew: I definitely recommend that you try the strain! If you'd like to try it we have sample packs on www.Mr. Extractor if you're interested in purchasing a pack. You can get it from Mr. Extractor, or if you want to taste it in person you can stop by any of the Terpene Labs we have across the country. Our largest Terpene Lab is in downtown Los Angeles. You can go in there you can smell the bottle, you can try a pen, and you can leave with some that day. By the way, if you're interested in opening up your own Terpene Lab; right now is the time! We are opening Terpene Labs all across the country: Canada, Mexico, New York, Florida, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles. That’s just to name a few we've already got in the works, who knows where it will be by the time you're watching this video, right? Hit me up directly if your company purchases in bulk, so anything over 800 grams. My name is Drew, contact me directly to purchase because I'm slashing the prices on bulk products. We are a manufacturer of bulk terpenes and we want to put that in your store. So, hit me up, tell us what you need, tell us the price points you need, and I will make that happen. Okay, free stuff, we love giving away free things! Audrey is going to explain how to get some free things.

Audrey: Everybody loves free stuff! In person go to any of the Terpene Lab locations Drew mentioned earlier across the country to get your free grams! Also, you can go online to www.Mr. Extractor and follow our social media accounts. That's where we give away the BOGO, 50% off, and all of our great deals.

Drew: Did I mention that all of the Terpene Labs give away free things, it’s a mandatory thing. Everybody has to give away free things at every Terpene Lab across the country. It's what we do. Stop by our labs and check out our site. Cam?

Cameron: And I say you should check out our other Terpene Breakdown Videos. We have so many new profiles for you guys, it's exciting stuff!

Drew: Anyways, thanks for watching the video, I really appreciate it. Hey, go check out another video. We'll see you in the next video, take it easy.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye!