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Drew: Hey this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates. We are back for another riveting Terpene Profile Breakdown Video. As usual I'm joined by my Chief Lab Tech; Professor Matsumoto (Hey what's up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hi). Today we're gonna be breaking down the SFV OG. Where is it? Right here. Check it out, I got it right here, our terpene profile the SFV OG. Now in case you didn't know; the SFV stands for San Fernando Valley, that is an area down in the Los Angeles area. It happens to be where I grew up, as well. The SFV is a strain that was created by the Cali connection down there. And it does have relations with the OG Kush, which is another bottle that we create, another terpene that we created, got it sitting
right up there, that is an excellent profile. I personally really like this strain. It's one that I've smoked for a very long time, and its personal favorite of mine, which is why we've created it. The first thing you're going to notice about this bottle is that it is clear. It's the little one in front, and it's clear because it falls under the organic line of products that we sell. All organic terpenes, nothing synthetic, and nothing artificial. And when you go to the store, when you check it out, when you buy it, one of the first things you're gonna do is you're gonna smell it. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pop this guy open, and I'm gonna smell it and let you know what it smells like. Let's do this.
Now, I'm always honest about the products, this smells terrible. Smells like Pine-Sol, smells like a cleaning product. If I were looking at this in a store, I would not buy that. Just by the smell alone, I'd put it down and not buy it. But one of the most important things about buying terpenes, is you can never buy terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. There's a scientific reason
for this and I'll explain it. And this is a perfect example of why I explain this in every video, because the industry needs to understand this. When you make a terpene profile, like I do, it consists of roughly 20 different terpenes. Now every individual terpene, like every liquid in life, has an individual boiling point; of when it starts to evaporate off. What you're smelling in the bottle is a combination of 20 different things evaporating off, it comes together, and creates a smell. But at room temperature, only a few of those are gonna evaporate off. We've designed these that all the terpenes evaporate off correctly when in a vapor pen at a temperature of around 400 degrees. So what it smells like in a bottle at around 80, is nothing like what its gonna taste like coming out of a pen at 400 degrees. That's the scientific difference. So, Audrey's gonna explain a little bit more about that.

Audrey: Right, so like what Drew touch base on a little bit; the most important thing you have to keep in mind when you're buying your terpenes, is that the pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. Take vanilla for example, smells great, all you want to do is eat it up. Would you actually try putting it in your mouth? Probably not. This is what makes our product better. We've spent hours and hours formulating these terpenes for the end-user, and the end-client, and the end-flavor.

Drew: Now a perfect example of this is, is that you know, we don't make perfumes, we don't make things that smell like cannabis. We make things that taste like cannabis, and they are
completely different things. It would be easy for me to make a product that smells just like weed, but it wouldn't taste good, just like perfumes don't taste good. So this product, when the terpenes that are evaporating off at room temperature combined, they combine into something that's unpleasant. Which is a different experience, and you're gonna get it when you try it in
pen. This is actually a very good blend. So the professor here, made up a pen, he's gonna give you the experience that your customer's gonna have. Because the truth is; your customer will never smell your bottle of terpenes, that is an internal ingredient for your company. Your customer will only ever taste your pen. That's what's truly important. So Cam, can you break down what this actually tastes like versus what it smells like?

Cameron: Of course. Here we go, SFV OG. Okay, so I'm getting a bit of a strong earthy note in there, mixed in with a fairly pungent floral profile thrown in there as well. So I would categorize the SFV OG as a strong cannabis flavor. Meaning that you're gonna be able to have those strong cannabis notes foremost, on your palate, before any of the notes from our SFV really come in to play.

Drew: That's right. So it definitely has a unique flavor and taste, as this particular strain actually does in real life. When you smell this bottle, you're not picking up earthy tones,
you're not picking up the floral tones, you're not picking up any of that stuff. It definitely doesn't smell like pungey cannabis, but that's what it tastes like. Another way that we break these profiles down, is whether it is a separated profile or a combined profile. Now a separated profile; you're gonna taste all those notes differently. First earth, and then citrus, and then pine, or whatever. In a combined profile; all of those blend together. You taste the same thing all the way through the inhale, all the way through the exhale. What do you got on this guy?

Cameron: The SFV OG I would categorize as a very well blended terpene profile. Basically meaning you're gonna be able to taste that very well mixed together strong earth-strong earth profile, mixed in with a bit of that floral pungent cannabis flavor, from inhale to exhale.

Drew: Now I gotta say, just as a side note, because this is one of the strains that really showed these characteristics, have you ever heard of people buying terpenes and they're like, "man this tastes like perfume"? It's usually because a person created the bottle to smell good, but when you taste it, it tastes bad. As opposed to us making it to where it tastes good, but it may not smell very good. So, the way that we describe the cannabis level in the product, this really tastes strongly of cannabis, versus how strong the profile is relative to another profile. Those are two different things; so it tastes strongly of cannabis, but how strong is the profile compared to
maybe like a different profile?

Audrey: Well SFV is actually in our strong category categorization of terpene profiles. So if you put this one next to a more mild profile, this one would definitely pack more of a punch.

Drew: And we also break it down as to whether it enhances your extract, or it masks it. Audrey, can you tell us about that?

Audrey: So SFV is used as an enhancing agent, opposed to a masking agent. Meaning, when you're out walking down the street smoking on your terpenes, the cannabis aroma will be enhanced and still be present, opposed to it being covered up, like it would be with Banana, or Bubble Gum, or something stronger.

Drew: People are gonna know you're smoking weed, that's for sure with this one, alright. So if you're interested in trying this one, I do recommend that you try it, you can go to Mr. Extractor. We have sample packs, make your own sample pack. You can purchase it in any quantity that you like off the website there. If you're interested in buying in bulk, we consider
bulk anything over 800 grams, slashing prices on bulk. All you have to do is contact me, I'm the owner, Drew. Contact me directly, tell me what your company needs in order to incorporate this into your lineup. We're gonna make that happen, all right. If you want to see it in person, which I recommend, I do, go to any of The Terpene Labs across the country, you're gonna have this. You can go to our main Terpene Lab, downtown Los Angeles. They're gonna have it in the bottle, you'll actually be able to try it in a pen, that's what's important, and you can take home as much of it as you want right there, right then. And we also do free stuff. If you're interested in free things, Audrey does our free stuff. So what you got?

Audrey: Right, so in person, like Drew touched base on, you can go to any Terpene Lab location across the country. He has personally set it up for you so you can walk in and get your free gram on the spot, pretty cool. Online to go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up to date on our social media platforms. We update them every now and then. That's when we do the 20% off, buy one get one free, and all the goodies.

Drew: That's right, make sure to go to Instagram because that's where we put out the coupons. All right, real simple, just got to find that new handle. What do you got Cam? Anything left?

Cameron: Of course I do. I highly encourage you to check out our other Terpene Breakdown Videos and also our Flavor Modifier Videos. So much new content’s out, so much exciting stuff, it's worth-it's worth the watch definitely.

Drew: So thanks for watching the video, I appreciate your time. We've got a lot of other good video. Seriously, go check them out, you need to know these things, alright? We'll see in the next video, take it easy.

Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.