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Drew: Hey welcome back this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and we are back for another terpene profile breakdown video. As usual I'm joined by my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto
(What's up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hi), and we're gonna be doing a Terpene Breakdown Video on the Skywalker OG. The Skywalker OG is a hybrid and its parent lineage is, remember this, the Skywalker, mixed with OG Kush. We have a fantastic OG Kush terpene profile, you should try that as well. So the Skywalker I believe was the fourth terpene profile that we created in the early years of the company, and it is still very good. We are retiring some of the other strains but we're definitely keeping this one, we sell tons of it. If you're looking for an OG, like a California OG; this is it. And if you want to enhance it a little bit you, can mix it with some of our other terpenes, but definitely an excellent profile. First thing you'll notice about
this profile right here is it is clear and that is because it is in our Organic line of terpenes. Everything in it is
organic terpenes, there's nothing artificial, nothing synthetic. And when you check out this bottle, maybe you buy it here in the store, the first thing you're also gonna want to do is you're gonna want to smell it. I'll go ahead and walk you through what this guy smells like.
So, it has- its light in nature, it has light citrus tones, and it really captures the OG essence. One of the hardest strains to capture is an OG, because it has the smell like nothing else. I mean you know it, like people can call a strain whatever they want, everybody renamed strains in life. But an OG smells like an OG, and that smells like it. Having said that, one of the most important things when purchasing your terpenes, and I tell everyone in every video, never buy your terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. Simply because there are combinations of terpenes that we put together in this bottle. Not all of them evaporate out at the same rate, at the same temperature. Meaning that at 80 degrees, room temperature, you're only gonna smell a few of them. That combination is going to create a different smell then all of our terpenes evaporating out at the same temperature in a vapor pen. I'm gonna let Audrey explain that a little bit more to you.

Audrey: Right, so the most important key thing to keep in mind when you're buying terpenes is that the pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. Don't be a terpene rookie. A great example of this is vanilla. You smell it, warm, you know you got all that sweetness coming at you. You taste it, probably won't be as great.

Drew: Yeah that tastes terrible, this is the opposite. These may not smell great but they taste amazing right? Exactly. So, just remember that when you're buying terpenes, your customers will never smell your bottle, they're gonna taste your pen. So, what the most important thing is; what does this taste like. And luckily we got the professor here, he's gonna tell you exactly what it tastes like when it's made up in a pen.

Cameron: Yeah, so I got the Skywalker pen right here. Imma tell you what it tastes like.
So, I'm initially- I'm getting a light, lime, citrus note, followed by a little bit of pine in there. And then followed by a leafy earth aftertaste, sort of akin to a lot of the OG's that you may find down in California, or here on the west coast even, you know?

Drew: Yeah definitely, we head down to LA get the best OG's and work off of that. One of the ways that we define these profiles is whether it's a separated profile or a combined profile. Separated profiles are; you take a puff and first I taste citrus, and then I taste some weed, and then I taste some earth on the exhale. Combined profiles are; you take all those flavors and you blend them together and you taste the
same combination of flavors all through the inhale and the exhale. Professor where does this one lay out?

Cameron: I'll categorize the Skywalker as a separated profile, meaning that you're gonna be able taste that lime citrus, pine, and then that leafy earth aftertaste.

Drew: Now we separate our profiles also based on what the cannabis level in the profile is; how much does this taste like weed versus how strong it is. Where are we at with how strong this tastes like weed?

Cameron: I would put the Skywalker as a light cannabis profile, meaning that you're gonna be able to taste all the notes that we have in the pen; that lime, that pine, and that leafy earth, followed by a very light crispy-ness of cannabis.

Drew: True cannabis ranges all over the spectrum from tasting like straight tangerines, all the way to just weed, and there's nothing like weed. So everything falls in the middle, everyone's different. Where are we at on the actual strength of the profile?

Audrey: So the actual strength of the profile is going to be categorized as a medium strength, I think?

Drew: What we mean by that is; if you were to take six drops of this and put it in a gram of distillate, versus six drops of something else, this one may be super strong, this one may be very mild. This is a medium profile so you're gonna have medium tones in there, as opposed to something overpowering. You just can't really taste it. We also designate things by whether they're enhancing agents or masking agents. Audrey can tell you about that too.

Audrey: Right, so Skywalker is categorized as an enhancing agent, opposed to a masking agent. Meaning that when you're smoking it up, on that exhale; that flavor is gonna be really enhanced by the cannabis
tones and flavors that are in there, opposed to being completely masked or covered up, like it would be with the strong flavor like Banana or Bubblegum.

Drew: Definitely worth trying. If you're interested in trying this: go to Mr. Extractor. We have it in any size amount that you want. We also have samples as small as one gram. You can get one of our sample packs, try it out. If you want to see it in person; go to any of the Terpene Labs we have across the country. The main one is in downtown Los Angeles. You can go to any Terpene Lab, smell the bottle, try the pen, and take home as much as you want. We set it up that way. If you're interested in bulk, if your company does bulk; we're slashing prices on bulk. Bulk is anything over 800 grams, it's what we specialize in. Contact me, Drew, directly. You tell me what your company needs price-wise to make this work, we're gonna make it work for you, our products are very good. But we also give away free things. Our company was based on giving away free things. Audrey can explain to you how to get more free things.

Audrey: Right, so in person go to any Terpene Lab location across the country. Drew has set it up for you so you could walk in and get your free gram on the spot. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor. That's where you can stay up to date on all of our social media. That's where we do that 20% off, buy one get one free, and hand out free goods.

Drew: That's right, so we give away a lot of stuff on Instagram. Sometimes we change handles, so make sure you go to MrExtractor to find out our current Instagram. Go get some coupons on there, right. Cam you got anything left?

Cameron: Yeah, I encourage you to check out our other Terpene and Flavor Modifier videos. We have so much new content coming at you.

Drew: Yeah it's pretty amazing. So, thank you for watching this, try this out. We'll see you in the next video, take it easy.

Cameron: Later.