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Drew: Hey what's up it’s Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, and I am here today to do another terpene breakdown video. I am joined by my chief lab technician Professor Matsumoto and my media director Audrey and we're gonna be doing a breakdown today of the Super Skunk terpene profile that I've created. Okay so the Super Skunk is a really interesting strain, it was created by Sensi Seeds and it is a cross between Skunk Number One and an Afghani strain this is a very unique profile for us. I've created it to do something different than our normal profiles, which I'll get into in a little bit, but it's definitely very interesting. One of the first things you'll notice about this strain is it is completely clear because it is in our Organic line of products meaning that all of the ingredients in it are organic terpenes, there's nothing synthetic and nothing artificial. One of the first things you'll do when you pick up this bottle is you're gonna smell it so I'm going to walk you through what it smells like. So interestingly enough it is not very skunky it's actually pretty mild, it has a mild gassy flavor and a very mild cannabis flavor but not really much smell at all. You have to get really close which I don't like doing because these things will fuck you up. Like I tell everybody in life; never buy terpenes based on what they smell like, that is a rookie mistake. We have to educate the industry why that you do not want to buy terpenes based on what they smell like, Audrey can you explain to people why that is?

Audrey: Right so when you are purchasing your terpenes the most important thing to keep in mind is that
the pen almost never tastes anything like what the bottle smells like. You need to know this when you're buying because at the end of the day your client is gonna be tasting a pen, not tasting your bottle. This is what makes our product better, we designed these strains and formulate these terpenes for the end user and the end tastes rather than smelling it at the counter.

Drew: It's definitely important that you educate yourself about this, a lot of our competitors try to make bottles that smell really good, so that when you're standing at the counter you think “oh this smells great”, then you buy it. It doesn't taste like that when you get home. Okay, think of all the things in life that smell good but you wouldn't want to stick in your mouth and taste it, it's the same thing. We make flavor ingredients. So can you explain to us what this actually tastes like in a pen?

Cameron: Oh for sure I actually have a Super Skunk pen already made up so I'm gonna tell you
exactly what it tastes like. Wow, so initially I get a very strong strong skunk flavor followed by a mild gassiness that seems to taper off at the end there. With that being said I would categorize the Super Skunk as a very pungent cannabis profile because you know it-

Drew: -it's just loud it's just loud. So one of the things that I told you about was that this is an interesting profile. This profile tastes very strongly of weed, bless you, (Audrey: Excuse me) and it tastes very strongly of skunk. You can smoke it by itself, meaning as in a pen, but I've also designed this to be a modifier for other terpenes. What a lot of people are interested in making their own terpene profiles, and strains, and so forth, what I recommend if you want to do that take our terpenes that are already blended up, mix them together, and create your own thing from them that works really good, we have a lot of people that do that. This component in particular is very good for adding a robust skunk gassy smell to any of the terpenes that you work with. You can smoke it by itself with an extract and a pen but it can be kind of overwhelming for a lot of people. I really like it, Cam really likes it, a lot of our friends really like it, but we also have people that are like 'dude this is just too skunky' so this can be used again as an ingredient to modify other companies terpenes, it can be used as an ingredient to modify any of our terpenes, or you can use it by itself. Definitely use it more as an ingredient than anything else but let's just say that using it only in a pen by itself, we
break that down in another way. We designate them as either a blended profile or a separated profile. Blended profiles you'll taste the same blend of terpenes all the way through the hit; you'll taste the same thing inhale and exhale. Separated profiles you'll taste first gassy, then sweet, then citrus, then earthy. Can you tell us where it breaks down in a pen by itself?

Cam: Oh certainly I would categorize the Super Skunk as a very well blended profile meaning that you're gonna be able to taste that skunkyness and that slight gassiness from start to finish. Yeah, definitely another way that we break down the profile is whether it is an enhancing agent or a masking agent, and I will let
Audrey explain that.

Audrey: Right so every terpene profile varies on how strong the actual flavor is. Super Skunk is categorized as super strong, shocker. We also designed this particular profile, like Drew was saying before, to really be
an enhancing agent rather than you know a masking agent, like bubblegum or banana, and we designed this to really add that skunk flavor to any of your terpenes.

Drew: Yeah, definitely feel free to use it by itself it is a fully functioning profile but you can actually work with it too, do a little bit of manipulation on your own. If you're interested in trying out the Super Skunk go to Mr. Extractor we've got samples, we've got sample packs, we've got any bottle size that you want. If you want to try it in person go to any of the terpene labs that we have up around the country. You'll be able to smell the bottle, taste the pen, get some free samples and buy as much of it as you want there. If you are interested in opening up your own terpene lab now is the time contact me directly, we're handing out territory, states, cities, so forth. And if you purchase in bulk anything over 800 grams we're slashing the prices on. Contact me, Drew directly, tell me what you need to have happen, we will make it happen. This is a great product to add to your line nobody has anything like it, it's definitely very different. We've come out with some very different profiles that you should really try to incorporate. Free things, everybody likes free things we love giving away free stuff. Audrey what do you got?

Audrey: Free stuff in person go to any terpene lab location across the country and you will get your free grams in person and online go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up-to-date on all of our social media, that's where we give away the BOGO, 20% off, and our free samples.

Cam: I'm gonna need you guys to check out all of our terpene breakdown videos after this one, there's so many new profiles coming at you guys, exciting stuff.

Drew: So thanks for checking out the video try out some of the Super Skunk and make sure to go see us in another video we'll see in the next one take it easy.

Cam: Later.

Audrey: Bye.