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Drew: What's up everybody this is Drew, owner of Connoisseur Concentrates, I am down here at the Terpene Lab in Los Angeles with my main man Daz from Tha Dogg Pound, and my homeboy Mario, and The Godmother. If you've been down to the Terpene Lab you know what's up, so check this out. We are here today to introduce the hottest new shit; the DPG OG. This is the best new terpene flavor that we got. We got carts, we got terpenes, we got it all. Tell them what's up man.

Daz: Alright man you know what I'm saying; Tha Dogg Pound coming out with a new flavor we made for you, you know what I'm saying, with The Godmother. Terpene time, it's the time to unwind and we're doing it right now. This is your time. Over 21. It could be gram after gram. Don't stop.

Drew: So this is our newest, skunkiest, OG flavor that we got so here's how it works. If you want to put these through your whole city; come to the Terpene Lab or go to Mr. Extractor. Order the DPG OG, make thousands of pens, flood your whole city. If you just want these carts already filled up we've got 100,000 of them sitting here for you. Just show up at the lab, we'll hook you up. It's all you gotta do. 320 Wall Street, Los Angeles. Come through, all right? (Yeah). This is efficient shit. You ain't gonna get it nowhere else. (Nowhere else). Alright, see you soon.
Alright so we're back in the lab here and we're gonna be doing a scientific breakdown of the DPG OG terpene profile. I'm here with my Chief Lab Technician; Professor Matsumoto (Hey what's up), and my Media Director; Audrey (Hi). All right so the DPG OG is a collaboration between myself and the members of Tha Dogg Pound gang; Daz and Kurupt. And what I did was I worked with them to create a terpene profile that represents one of the strains that they're working with. They are putting out a pen and a terpene line down in Los Angeles, and we have hit it right on the head with what they do. Let's go ahead and start out with a breakdown of the profile. First thing you'll notice is that the bottle right there is clear, and that is because the DPG OG falls under the organic terpene profile line. What that means is all the ingredients in it are organic terpenes only. There are no synthetics and no artificial ingredients. The first thing you're gonna do when you pick up a bottle of this is you're gonna smell it. So I'm gonna go ahead and walk you through what this bottle smells like so you can get the experience firsthand. Interesting. It's very light. Oddly enough it is a light, gassy, grassy flavor. It's really interesting. It's woody, it's-it's not like anything else we have. As I always say one of the worst things you can ever do is buy terpenes based on what the bottle smells like. The bottle is only gonna smell like what individual ingredients evaporate off at room temperature. It's not gonna give you the whole picture. Audrey can explain a little bit more about that.

Audrey: Right, so Drew's dropping some truth over here. The most important thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing your terpenes is that the pen almost never tastes exactly like what the bottle smells like. You need to know this when you're buying terpenes because at the end of the day your client is going to be tasting that pen, not smelling your bottle. This is what makes our product better. We formulate these terpenes and these lines for the tastes at the end, not for somebody walking up to the counter and sniffing the bottle.

Drew: Remember the slogan; "Try before you buy", don't buy off what it smells like. Cam, can you tell us exactly what this tastes like?

Cameron: Oh certainly, I got the DPG OG pen right here and I'm gonna tell you exactly what it tastes like. (Made me want it too.) Wow, so initially I'm getting gassy notes mixed in with bitter earth in there, citrus notes in there as well, and then light spicy exhale in there. Sort of like putting an OG Kush or what not in a blend. So meaning that it's-it's a very strong OG cannabis profile.

Drew: Yeah definitely this is a strong profile we've created. It has a high strength to it. You've got gassy, what else, earthy, citrusy, and a little bit skunky with some spicy into it. Definitely very cool. One of the other ways that we classify our terpene profiles is whether it's a blended profile or a separated profile. Blended profiles; you'll taste the same combination of flavors, the same way all the way through the inhale and the exhale. Separated profiles, you'll taste individual flavors; first it's earthy, then its skunky, then its citrusy. And on the exhale I taste a little bit of woody. So where does this one fall under?

Cameron: I would categorize the DPG OG as a very well blended terpene profile, meaning that you're gonna get that-that gassiness, that earthy, that-that slight spiciness, and a little bit of citrus from inhale to exhale.

Drew: Definitely, and obviously we classify these as whether it is an enhancing agent or a masking agent. You can probably guess what that one is. Audrey is gonna explain it to you as well.

Audrey: Right, so every terpene profile varies on how strong the actual strength is. DPG OG is classified into our stronger profiles. We designed this profile to be an enhancer. An enhancing
agent, rather than a masking agent, meaning it will really bring out those cannabis tones and aromas rather than covering them up completely.

Drew: So our company is the only authorized manufacturer of terpenes and vapor pens for the DPG: Daz and Kurupt. If you want to try this out make sure that you go to Mr. Extractor. That way you can make the same pens that they're selling all over the country in your state, all right? If you're interested in getting it in person, go to the Terpene Lab downtown Los Angeles or any of the Terpene Labs that are springing up
around the country. You'll be able to smell it, try it out, buy it. If you're interested in buying the pens; Daz
and Kurupt make their own pen line, okay? It's called the DPG OG Pen Line. Come down to the Terpene Lab in downtown LA, we will connect you with them. They do guest appearances at our Terpene Lab once in a
while, it's pretty fun it's pretty entertaining. It's a great line, everybody has a good time. If you're interested in buying this in bulk for your company; if you purchase it in bulk from us you're authorized to sell this to all your clients, sell it in your dispensary, whatever the licensing comes with it. Hit me up personally. Anything that we do that's over 800 gram is considered bulk pricing, I will give you a good deal on it. Tell us where you need to be on your prices, we will make that happen. If you want free stuff Audrey is in charge of
free stuff she'll tell you how to get it.

Audrey: Right everybody loves free things. So in person go to any of our Terpene Lab locations across the country. Online go to www.Mr. Extractor to stay up-to-date on all of our social media. That's where we do the 20% off, buy one get one free, all of our good deals.

Drew: Yeah all the free samples and coupons go out on social media only and we've got some good ones so make sure to follow us there, Cam?

Cameron: And I encourage you to check out the other terpene breakdown videos. There's an enormous amount of new profiles coming at you guys.

Drew: Hey, so thanks for watching this. We really appreciate it and we will see you in the next video take it easy.
Cameron: Later.

Audrey: Bye.